Edge-Forex Forex

About us

We are a group of successful FOREX traders with combined experience of over 5 decades.  We only trade forex as it’s the biggest, most liquid market on the planet, and for the same reason, there are a lot of forex trading service providers.  We were once novices as well, and we also broke a lot of accounts, and we were shocked to see how many poor quality service providers were in this space, counting on Novices/New Traders to fall for their false results and promises.  We decided to form Edge-Forex using one of our safest and most reliable strategies to help traders who are:

  • New to the market
  • Too busy to trade
  • Want to make their trading a profitable one
  • Keen to learn about markets
  • Looking to become a part of a successful FOREX Traders community

We have decided to be totally transparent when it comes to our trading.  We share our live trading platform so you can see our trading live on Twitch, Youtube or on our site.  We also share our trading results using a trusted third-party service FXBLUE.   Do join our free telegram channel to witness everything first hand.  Join us in this challenging but rewarding Journey!

See you there!