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Let us do all the work for you

You open and fund your Forex trading account. Then, you give us MT4 credentials, and we take care of the rest. You just have to sit back and watch your account grow Forex Managed Accounts service. We do all the work from setting up the platform, backups, lot sizing, and trading Of Course!

Our Trading Style

Every forex pair moves in its own unique pattern indicating when it’s about to turn. We use our proprietary algorithm that measures price momentum, and identifies turning points with divergence and turn confirmation. Once confirmed, we enter into the high probability trade

Short Term Signals

6-8% Monthly Return

Live Twitter & Telegram Alerts

+75% Accuracy

500 to 1000 Real Pips Monthly

Smart Hedging

High Probability Trades

Asia, London & USA Times

Signals for Currencies

Dynamic Risk Management


No, all you need is a subscription to our Forex Managed Accounts services. Your trading account will be with your broker. 

We try and stay away from recommending brokers, as our loyalty is towards our subscribers. All we can say is that we use Pepperstone for our trading and we have been very happy with them.  

No one in the market can guarantee results. All we can do is share our past results and our current trading. We try and achieve 500-1000 real pips per month, and your account size combined with your lot size will drive your results.  

First thing first. Forex trading is very volatile, and you can suffer some significant drawdown, and occasionally it can last for a while. Based on our calculations and experience, we recommend 500 Euros for every .01 lot starting.  We aim for 2-3 Euros profit per .01 lot for every trade. If you need further clarification please contact us on our telegram support channel 

Your account will automatically renew after your first paid period. If you do not wish to renew, then simply cancel the service by contacting us. We ask that you give us a notice at least 3 business days before your renewal date to give us enough time to cancel your renewal of the service.

Forex traders agree that timing is everything. Getting into the market just as it is about to move often makes for the largest possible profits but can also make for large losses. Most traders find it difficult to get into the market at the right time and impossible to be at their computers 24 hours a day 5 days a week to monitor the market for activity.

The Edge-Forex.com signals help you become a better trader and alert you to trading possibilities. Let us be your eyes to the Forex market. Also, if you don’t have time to trade, we can help you with our Automated Trade Signals.

You get our signals on your mobile device on Telegram App via our private channel.

Yes, we have a “No Questions Asked” 30 days money back guarantee from the initial subscription date of your subscription at our site. Please note that this does not apply for MQL5 subscriptions.  

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